Frequently Asked Qestions

What is crease?


Crease is a platform for renting and lending your clothes. Lenders loan their wardrobe, Hirers rent it from them. 


How do I join?


Head to our membership page and fill out your registration form to get started. We will be in contact to confirm your application and find out a bit more about you! It's important we get to know our Users, we're a community and are centred on trust and reliability.


How to get started as a...



Find it 

Request it

Receive it

Return it



List it

Accept it

Send it

Clean it

Can I book a rental in advance?

Can I request an item that isn't listed on Crease?

What happens if my item doesn’t arrive in time?

We always suggest you communicate and resolve the issue between yourself and the lender. Should the issue require escalation, we will step in and require proof of postage receipts from both parties. Based on the evidence, the party at fault will have to make good and refund the other pro-rata accordingly.

What happens if my item doesn’t fit?


Given that all listed items are of established brands which follow international sizing standards, we are unable to classify this as an issue that requires resolution. We always recommend communication with the lender to address all your concerns prior to requesting the rental.



How much does shipping cost?

When renting a product, the shipping cost is determined by the Lender. The lender pays to ship their product to the hirer. The hirer then pays for the return of the rental. Proof of postage must be kept by both parties (users and lenders). 


How do I know when to ship an item?

Lenders must ship products 2-3 business days before the rental start date or on the day if dropping off.

Hirers must ship products 2-3 business days before the rental end date or on the day if dropping off. 


How are the items packaged for shipping?

The Lender is responsible for selecting a parcel that can be used for round trip shipping.  We recommend putting items in garment bags or dust bags before putting them in the shipping parcel. 


What if my rental ends on a Sunday or holiday?


Post it the very next business day.



Who is responsible for dry cleaning?


We understand dry cleaning preferences vary by user and garment thus the Lender is responsible for cleaning the item after it has been returned by the Hirer. The Lender is responsible for ensuring the item is clean and ready to wear upon delivery to a Hirer. Lender's must include their cleaning fee within their Hire Fee.

What is the cleaning fee?

The cleaning fee is determined by the Lender and added to the rental price at checkout. Some garments don’t require cleaning or are machine washable therefore won’t incur a fee.



What if I accidentally stain or damage a piece?

It's really important our Hirers treat rentals as if they're their own clothes. We understand normal wear and tear may occur. Normal wear & tear includes stains that can be removed by proper cleaning, minor snags, missing beads, stuck zippers and other minor damage. If you stain or damage a product beyond this, it's important you let us know ASAP. As a Hirer you are responsible for the garments care and therefore responsible for covering costs for the repair or replacement.


What should I do if my item comes back damaged?

Report any damage within 24 hours by emailing us. We handle each scenario on a case by case basis and will work with both the lender and hirer to fix any issues that arise.


It is the Lenders responsibility to list any existing defects prior to a rental taking place, particularly for vintage items. It’s important to have this sort of visibility before confirming rentals.



What sort of products are available to rent?

All categories of clothing, shoes, and accessories that meet our brand list and are in good condition.



We will contact you with a short survey after your rental takes place to let us know how it went. Reviews are incredibly valuable to the Crease community as it instils trust between users. PLEASE take the time to come back to us. It won’t take long, promise! If users receive two or more 1 star reviews they may be removed from the community. 



When do I get charged and when do I get paid?

Once the Lender accepts the Hirer’s request, Crease will contact the Hirer for payment. Whether the request is four days or four months away, Crease takes the payment from the Hirer to secure the rental. When returning the product, the Hirer must submit tracking information to Crease. 


The Lender receives payment from Crease once their product has been returned. Lenders must let Crease know within 24 hours of receiving the product back so Crease can process their payment.



How do I determine how much to list my item for?

Crease will provide a suggested rental price based on the retail value of the item. The Lender can accept or amend the rental price. Ultimately, the rental fee is the decision of the Lenders. 


How long can I rent an item for?

Products are available to rent for a week. If a Hirer would like to rent the item for longer, for a trip away or other, the Lender can amend the rental fee accordingly. 


How can I cancel an item request?

As a Lender you can cancel a request by emailing info@creaseonline.appas long as it’s more than 14 days before the rental start date. After which, you will be charged 50% of the rental fee for cancelling.

As a Hirer you can cancel a request by emailing info@creaseonline.appas long as it’s more than 14 days before the rental start date. After which, you will be charged 50% of the rental fee for cancelling.